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The resort also offers meeting rooms, tennis courts, outdoor pools, mini-golf, beach volleyball, and an entertainment programme for the convenience and enjoyment of guests of all ages. This is the perfect place for a luxurious holiday whether for a romantic getaway or sunny, fun-filled family holiday.

Room Service. Air Conditioning. Disabled Facilities. Satelite TV. Kids Club. Kids play area. Baby Sitting Service. Outdoor Pool. Resort Essential Information Currency Mexican peso. There are premium rooms club level available. Call ahead and ask if they are fully booked during your stay, We upgraded once we got there.

There is not much of an ocean view becasue of the lush green plants- but beautiful anyhow. Get a second floor room - clear balconies will give you better views. There are NO ocean-view rooms. We couldn't even hear the ocean from our room. Might as well have been in Iowa. What age is required to use the fitness room, specifically all of the weights? The sign posted said However, my two 15 year old sons regularly worked out on the equipment, including the weights.

People of all ages worked out. So long as you weren't "playing" I imagine it was okay to be in the fitness area. Not sure that there is an age limit. The cardio machines are enclosed in an adjacent windowed area with AC. What if we want to stay 8 nights instead of four? Probably not since your air fare is a set rate, but also ask the resort if they have any specials like pay for 5 nights and get 2 free.

No its not double because the flight is included. Nothing is set in stone Haggle Haggle Haggle I stayed 8 nights got a good deal. Normally, resorts do not offer kosher food as an option. While it can be requested we are unable to guarantee any resort would be able to honor this special request.

It would be best to check directly with the resort prior to confirming a reservation to ensure they would be able to accommodate your needs. I did not see any food identified as Kosher The normal type of Vegan foods are available. Don't know, i'm not into kosher food, sorry. I dont know what this is, but yes probably They had about everything imaginable. No, but my gf keeps kosher and she did find plenty of options at the restaurants and buffet, like fish and dairy. There is no kosher area though.

I didn't see any signs indicating "kosher" food. Is it good for a single parent with 6yo kid? I want to go here with a 6 yo son in November-December. Any advice? It is great for kids! The water park with slides is awesome! It is only as high as to just to your knee in the deepest area. It is separated from the main pool but close. The main pool is 4 feet all through so keep that in mine if your child is not a swimmer for that area. Otherwise, a huge roomy pool. Plenty to eat. Refrigerators are stocked in the rooms with water and soda and beer but you can also get these at one of the 2 bars at the pool area.

There are shaded cabanas so we just went out before breakfast and put our towels on the lounge chairs so we would have some close to the kid area. Just be careful because other than the pool area, everywhere else is tiled and can be slippery when wet so make sure you and your child have slip proof shoes on when going back to the room. Lots of kids to make friends and play with! You two will have a blast at this resort. The kid program seemed to be well staffed with very friendly and efficient young adults and the kids I observed were happy!!!! This would be a great place for a single parent with a kid - because you literally do not need to leave the resort.

This resort Is very child friendly.. I was there from aug. They also have a seperate water playground for the kids as well and free buffet all day and night. I would say that you def need a heavy sun screen and posibly a floating device if child is not a good swimmer.. It is very hot there but during that time of year should be very pleasnt and not too overwhelming! Good luck It was an amazing time!

Yes, there is the perfect size water park for a 6 year old. The buffets have "kids corner" with all their favorites - pizza, chicken nuggets, and more. We just got back from this resort. They had an excellent water park for the kids actually, there are two kid's water parks and an active "day program" that kids could attend. The 18 hole mini-golf course was entertaining for kids and adults alike.

The youngest person in our party was 22, so I can only tell you what I observed. Yes, there would be plenty for you to do together and you could take advantage of the kids club, too. This resort is very kid friendly in my opinion. On our last visit a few weeks ago, there were many families with kids of all ages. They have a very nice pool area for the kids as well as many early shows in the theatres that are for the kids.

Hope this helps. What are the operating hours for the buffets and bars? The bar and disco are open until am.

Please keep in mind that the operating hours could be subject to change. Some buffets stopped at 10 and some were done by midnight. The bar stayed open until either 11 or The main dining buffet stays open until 10 pm and is loaded with a variety of delicious food! You can also choose to make reservations at one of their 4 restaurants, but we still preferred the buffet. The buffet is also open for breakfast and lunch. There are also 2 poolside smaller buffets that are open every afternoon for lunch with a great variety of food options.

Does no sandals in the reservation restaurants mean no "wedge heel sandals" or just no flip flops? Wedge heel sandals are ok but they do not want flip flops. It means no flip flops. New clean wedge sandels with nice toe nails and a big smile will get you in everyehere. Pertains to men only, men must wear closed toe shoes, long trousers, and a button down shirt. Actually, fairly relaxed. My experience last week was that this rule is really for the men and not the women. It means no flip flops They made one of the guys in our group go back and get pants.

Barcelo Maya Beach Resort Review - Riviera Maya - Good or Bad?

We just got back. I asked the same question about the shoes. The concierge told us he closed shoe requirement is for men only. For women, any shoes is fine, they don't want beach shoes flip flops. We saw a variety from jeans to fancy dresses for dinner. Again, I think they mainly want to keep people from wearing swim attire into the restaurants.

Hurricane season is officially from June to October, though the end of the season sees the most hurricane activity. In August, the average low is 77 and average high is The resort includes buffet and specialty restaurants to choose and has 2 kilometers of private beach running alongside the glassy, turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

Colonial and Tropical side of the resort also offers air conditioned buffet and restaurant areas. We stayed at the Tropical and loved it. The Tropical was centrally located on the Barcelo property. The Colonial was farther away from the main pools and activities. The Colonial had their own pools but if I remember correctly not as close to the beach as the Tropical.

The main restaurants were located on the Tropical side. The beaches and pools were beautiful. The weather was also very nice but, 4 out of the 8 days we spent there it did rain but, not for very long. The resort is very clean, which is a plus but the food wasn't that great. The speciality restaraunts were good but, it was very difficult to get a reservation because people book ahead of time. The food at the buffets weren't very good. I found the food to usually be cold. This was by far one of the most prettiest resorts that I have been to. I was very impressed with the lush tropical grounds, pools and the beach.

The water is crystal blue overlooking a coral reef and you can snorkel right off the beach and see beautiful fish and sea turtles! The water was very warm and calm, except for a thunder storm one day while we were there. I highly recommend the resort and will definitely return! Not to mention, you can go to any of the other hotels considered "below" you but you can never go up. Tropical is the 2nd highest. The Palace is the highest.

Nothing really, they just have 4 hotels together and you can go to either for dinner or lunch. Let me start by saying the Barcelo property has 4 options to stay at. The Palace - higher price, only palace guests can visit this area. Tropical - located closest to the palace. Great location. Colonial - located next to the Tropical. Further away from the main activities, theater, and main restaurants.

Maya Caribe - located on the other side of the Colonial. Did not visit. My recommendation the Palace or Tropical. We stayed in colonial. I went into both and asked which was better without telling them which one I was in and both told us Colonial was better. Our reservations said Tropical but when we got there we were put in Colonial.

You can eat in either one's buffet and see entertainment in either's theatre. There is no difference, they are mirror images of each other with the main portion of the resort between them in the center. They are equally beautiful and decorated, each has its own main lobby and pools and direct access to the beach. Is it better to purchase transfers to and from the resort or get a cab. We have 4 people in our group 6 answers. It would be best to purchase round trip transfer before hand so you have the service set up.

Cabs can charge any amount they wish and you may need to haggle with them on price. By purchasing the transfer you have no worries about pricing when you get there or trying to find transportation. Get the transfer. Not only will you not have to negotiate the price for a cab, but all 4 of you can ride together in the transfer shuttle, potentially limiting the stops made at other resorts and prolonging the amount of time it takes to get to your resort.

Good to know

Not to mention, let's face it Mexico isn't the safest right now and it's better to be safe than sorry. Purchase the transfer. We used Olympus Tours they were great to get to the resort and to the airport. Took a cab to go into Playa, they are crazy drivers but we made it safe and sound. We purchased our transfers when we booked the travel reservations thru cheap carribean.

This worked well for us - a party of 5. Olympus was the companies name and we shared a van with 1 other couple. Singles 3 answers. I am a recent widower. Would like to have some relaxation. Do I have to pay for two people if I travel alone? Most resorts do not have a two people minimum requirement and offer single supplement rates for those traveling alone. I don't know the answer but I do know that the resort seemed filled with families and couples, no singles really to even talk with. Yes, unfortunately you do. This happened to a few of my guests. We traveled as group there for my 40th birthday.

The ones who were not paired with others in a room had to pay the full price for double occupancy. But it is certainly worth going! It is a beautiful place! Does the resort provide roundtrip transfers from the airport for guests? Roundtrip transportation services are not provided by the hotel as part of their all inclusive package, however CheapCaribbean. This optional addition may be purchased during the booking process, or we may be contacted for assistance at No, but you have have CheapCaribbean set it up for you we used Olympus Tours and they are great.

We have arranged airport transfers every time we visit through Cheap Caribbean's transport provider: Olympus travel. Very dependable and reasonable. You need to get a taxi or a transfer. We are taking a group of my husband's work employees, but also want to take our family kids and grandparents to watch them. Thinking about having our family stay at the Palace and the couples stay at Tropical? Would that work? The two resorts sit on the same come complex and share all of the same amenities, such as the pools and restaurants. The difference between the two would be that the Barcelo Maya Palace has the lusher, newer room accomodations.

The Palace and Tropical are close but not adjacent. Yes, you can walk or you can take a trolley. They are the closest two portions of the resort. From what I heard, Palace is not much better than Tropical and the beach at Tropical is better than that at Palace but Caribe and Beach sections beat Tropical on that. Not a real easy walk but there is a bus that runs throughout the resort every 20 minutes or so.

They are adjacent however. Yes - all 5 hotels are adjacent to each other and you can easily walk - either on beach or on the paths connecting the hotels. Right next door-no problem. There is a resort bus out front of each lobby that take you to the other resorts. They come every 10 minutes. The Palace is within view from the Tropical, but more than comfortable walking distance. However, the hotel has a free shuttle that runs between all of the buildings.

With that service it would probably be possible. How is the night life? In addition to the nightly entertinment at the theater, you can also find after-hours entertainment at Jaguar's Discotheque. There is a cover charge and the club is open from 10 PM until 2 AM. Then Lousy Show. Then walk the long way back. I heard from some of the staff that you have to go to the city of Playa Del Carmen for the best night life.

This is about 15 miles from the resort. The have this thing called Coco Bongo. It's supposedly pretty popular. Otherwise at the resort there is the Discotheque. When we were there it wasn't very happening, but we didn't go on a Friday or Sat night. Who knows if it's better then. Overall there aren't too many people who go to the Disco. Go to Cancun for that. Nightlife is good.

The club is very high end and the shows were good. Snorkeling 2 answers. My family and I stayed at Barcelo in June of We had a day and a half of great snorkeling, the rest of the time the water was to rough to see anything. I know we can't predict the weather, but we are looking at going back the end of April or beginning of May does anyone know if the water is calmer that time of year? Water conditions vary greatly depending on the current weather conditions, tides, etc. Unfortunately, there is no true way to predict what the water conditions will be during a given time.

Been in the area for the last 6 years at various times. Puerto Aventuras is in the heart of the Riviera Maya and is located one hour south of Cancun. The city of Playa del Carmen is about 20 minutes and Tulum is less than half an hour. Same time. I think someone at C Resort pockets the difference.

It is the property next door but you cannot access it from the beach side you must go out to the main road. We swam with the dolphins here. It is a cute little town. Are babies under 2 free? We have a toddler that is 15 months old. Do we have to pay for his stay? Children do stay and eat free, however they do still have to pay the per night tax at the resort which can vary depending on your dates of stay.

Size of room 2 answers. How large is the room? Is there a foldout couch in addition to the beds? We are in a multi room family reunion Christmas week, is it possible to get a second room and what cost is that per night? We sell the "Superior Room" This room does not have a sofa bed. Roll away beds are available but upon request.

At this moment we have this room type available but this is subject to change at any time. This is the most heavily travelled week of the year. The room is about 10' x 20' and though there is a couch, it does not fold out, but it is more like a day bed, so someone could comfotably sleep on it.

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I know that Christmas time is high season so the rates are higher, but you would have to check with the hotel for specific prices. Hope this helps Satellite TV 3 answers. The list of amenities doesn't include Satellite TV. Does the resort have satellite TV? No, the TV options are not very good in the room but you really don't spend much time in the room. There is cable TV, but only about 3 channels that are in English.

If we wanted to book 2 rooms would there be any savings? Group rates generally apply to reservations with 10 rooms or more and must be booked with the hotel direclty. It was cheaper for the 5 of us to be in two rooms than to have all 5 of us in a suite. We ended up in 2 rooms with an adjoining door that we could access our daughters room, but we kept it locked so as to give us some privacy. The phone operators with CheapCaribbean should be able to give you the exact numbers as they did for me. Is there a shuttle service 5 answers. Is there a shuttle service that runs to the airport in Cancun from Barcelo maya tropical and colonial in riviera maya?

If so what are the times they run? The resort does not provide a free shuttle from the airport. You will be prompted to add transfers with Olympus tours in the booking process for an additional charge if you would like them. Taxis are available however they may not be metered and can lead to confusion. No shuttle service. I contacted the RIU and they recommended getting a bus or hiring a shuttle and sent me information about the shuttle. I would strongly recommend this company. They met us at the airport and took care of everything.

You can purchase Shuttle service from airport to resort through Cheap Caribbean. Very well organized and smooth. They have a office at the hotel so you can make arrangements to go back to the air port. Plus they do tours so you can book excursions while at the resort though them also. The shuttle service was prearranged by cheap caribbean, for a fee. But it was worth it. The dirvers were very pleasant and this part of the trip worked without flaw. We arrived just after noon to Cancun.

The resort represenative arranged for our return to the airport at a time according to our flights. But we left the resort about 9AM. It worked very smoothly. There is a wide variety of foods to fit most appetites. The opinion of the buffet is based on each persons tastes. The buffets provide a lot of options to choose from and the food is pretty good. The best food is in the sit down restaurants at dinner time.

The buffet has lots of options. We totally loved the breakfast buffet but lunch and dinner were okay. The breakfast buffet includes made to order omelettes, pastries and all of the foods you would expect to see at breakfast. The fresh fruit at all buffets was great! Lunch and dinner were good, but not great. Again, lots of options, but nothing impressive. The staff seats you at your table and serve you coffee, juice,water, alcoholic beverages. The tables are nice with table cloths at the two main buffets. The beach buffet uses placematts but it is still nice. Buffets are good- lots of options but can get a bit crowded - especially during high season lines for omelet bar.

Specialty restaurants are great for dinner. Japanese was our favorite, Italian our least favorite, Spanish, Mexican and Seafood also good,.. Very average, but you can eat the food. Does the pool bars have can beer? For specific questions such as this, we do suggest contacting the resort directly as they would be best to assist you. No, but have the bartender add ice and you won't miss the can.

At all the bars you are given beer in a cup. At the pool bar it is a plastic cup and the other bars it is a glass cup. If you give the bartender your own cup a mug or a cup with a lid they will fill it up for you. No canned beer. Just Corona from a tap poured in plastic cups at pool bar, glass in regular bars. Only draft corona and not very cold. I would go to the Premium Palace instead where you would have all that. There are cans of beer in your fridge in your room, but at the bar the beer is served in a cup How far from Playa del Carmen?

My husband said his cab ride took about 20 minutes from the resort to Playa Del Carmen. Playa del Carmen is about 25 minutes from the hotel and it is very much worth it. There is only one taxi company which makes it very consistent with price. A must go! Is there a swim-up bar? This resort offers 3 pools, all of which have a bar located at the pool. Yes, there is a very nice swim up bar in the pool. Each side, The Tropical and The Colonial each had their own swim-up bar. Can any of the restaurants accomodate low-sodium diet?

We recommend speaking with the resort directly and reiterating your dietary needs with your server. This type of request would most easily be met at the a la carte restaurants; however, if there are dining restrictions, you may not be able to reserve a table each night. At both the buffet and the grill, they always had some kind of steak or meats that they cook on the grill right in front of you. They also had a pasta bar where you created a bowl of various vegetables, etc.

Some of the more complicated dishes were probably high in sodium, but they had a good selection of fresh fruits and salad bar, as well as cooked to order meats that would fit the bill. The Japanese restaurant seemed to marinate everything so I would probably avoid that. The Santa Fe steak house cooked everything or order, so I think they could accommodate low sodium. We booked two rooms because my daughters are young adults, and I wish them some privacy.

I think the cost was the same per person. This place is huge, so it should not be a problem getting two rooms. Ours were real close to each other, but not adjoining. I bet they have them though. Can we book a junior suite ocean view guaranteed through Cheap Caribbean for a March trip? Currently the only room category we are selling for this property is a superior room with no guarantee of view. However this might change by the March The rooms are all separted from the ocean by a beautiful beach with many palm trees, then a huge pool complex, and then the first set of the 3-story room units What is the resort credit good for if it's already an all-inclusive deal?

It is a bunch of coupons to buy things in the stores. There are plenty more.



You get different coupons for things within the resort Spa services, wine, room upgrades, I think some golf maybe. We found them useless. These credits are actually coupons to spa treatments, computer usage, salon, etc. They were of no use to us. The services were expensive. Because every resort is different, it is best to contact the resort directly at mayacolonial barcelo.

Yes they do. The snack bars by the pool are open air but very comfortable because there is always a breeze. The specialty restaurants are great. The food is good and air conditioned. The buffet is very large and I dont remember any problem with heat. All of the restaurants are air conditioned. The only one I noticed feeling warmer is the buffet that is included. I think it is because the sliding doors opened frequently. Is this price for hotel and airfare?

I 3 answers. So, if my kids are 12 and 9, they are paying the same price as adults? Pricing is based on travel dates, availability, etc. For any pricing inquires, we do ask that you please call and speak with an agent in our New Reservations Department for further assistance. Our office is open daily from 5am-3am EST and there is no additional charge for agent assistance via telephone. Yes, they cost the same as adults. At least that was my experience with my 13 year old. The over all experience was amazing though.

Dining tickets? How many per room or per person? Looking up dinner options I see you recieve dinning tickets, is this per person or per room? Are these dinning options part of the all inclusive or are the restraunts extra? Please contact one of our knowledgeable Beach Experts at and we'll be happy to look into this further for you. Dining ticket is per person per day as part of the all inclusive package.

The dining tickets are based on how long you stay They gave me two tickets. My boyfriend and I went and we went to two reservation dinners. They were good, but the included buffet is sufficient. The dining tickets are per room and are good for all the people in that room. For a 7 night stay we got 4 tickets. There is no additional charge when you use these tickets unless you select to buy a bottle of wine or something you can get the house wine or other drinks for free. Also you can select to leave a tip - we always did. Do you need a passport to travel from United States to Riveria Maya 6 answers.

Yes you need a passport to travel anywhere outside of the United States. To travel to Mexico, it is required to have a passport. The Riveria Maya is in Mexico. All travel outside of the United States requires a passport. All travelers outside of Mexico were required passports. Yes, and they will want to see it at the resort at check in. Crazy question- what do resort credits include? The resort credits can differ depending on when you are traveling. They are dependant upon certain room categories and lenth of stays.

You can call to book with an agent who can help you determine if you would qualify for those resort credits. You can reach them at Thank you. The credits can be used for services like a massage, or an upgrade to the higher end rooms. They give you a coupon book that has a bunch of different services such as X amount off for spa, salon, private beach dinner, laundry service, etc.

The massage was okay, not the best. Also, we used the two tickets for specialty dinner reservations. They were delicious, but I could still be happy with the buffet that was included. Nothing that you want.

Barceló Maya Colonial | Hotel for families |

Everyone seems to ask that The resort credits were coupons for services such as computer usage, spa treatments etc. They were of no use to me. All the services are very expensive. Is baby sitting services available at nights? The resort offers activities for children aged at the Barcy Club, providing a fun activity program and qualified staff to look after them. The Barcy Club is open daily, am-5pm.

Babysitting available for a fee. I don't think so. Only during the day, somewhere between What is all inclusive mean 6 answers. All-inclusive would mean all of your meals, beverages alcoholic and non-alcoholic , resort activities, non-motorized watersports as well as all taxes and fees are included with your package price.

It means that once you arrive at the property you do not have to spend any additional money on food, beverages or activities at the resort.

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  6. If you want to go on excursions, shopping, etc. It's nice to make your reservations and you're done paying. Your food, your drinks including the items in your mini-fridge in your room , your activities shows, games, sports, equipment, etc Once there you don't need to carry any money unless you want to buy some souveneir at one of the shops. Food and drinks are included. It means you drink and eat for free. Pluss there are shows at night you can watch if you want. Yes, there are hairdryers in the room. I stayed the colonial hotel. It was superior room.

    We had hair dryers. Spa, golf,??? Is it an actual credit or a coupon book for discounted services? Also it says on their website that with all inclusive you get 1 dinner coupon for every 2 nights does that mean I have to pay for dinner the other night? Thanks for the information. The following conditions apply for the resort credit: 1 Valid for reservations made between June 28, and December 21, No other rate code verbiage will result in a Resort Credit.

    Unused credits are not redeemable for cash and cannot be used towards a future stay or transferred to another room. Note: Reservations for tours, services and amenities must be requested at the resort upon arrival and are subject to availability. Restrictions apply. Inclusions and restrictions vary by hotel. If all conditions are not met, this promotion is not guaranteed.

    The Resort reserves the right to change or withdraw this offer at any time without prior notification. They could be used for spa, massage etc. No cost for any meals or drinks. Specialty restaurants are very nice with less menu choices than buffets but much better quality food. I know it is not explained well on the website but it makes more sense when you receive them at the hotel.

    The dinner coupon refers to one guaranteed reservation at one of the specialty restaurants. You can have the other meals at the buffet. No cost at any of them. Hope this helps! The resort credit is just a bunch of coupons that you can use towards purchases at the spa, gift shop, room upgrades, etc And no you do not have to pay for dinner the other nights there is a buffet that you can go to with TONS of food options. Discounts on services only What brands of Bourbon do you have at the resort and is it included in the all inclussive? As specific brands of liquor are based on availability, we do suggest contacting the resort directly as they would be best to assist you.

    The toll free telephone number from Barcelo's website to contact them directly is and their email address is sac5 barcelo. Don't know the brands but I believe you got top shelf booze if you were at the premium resort or if you had a premium room at another resort. We found tipping the bartenders was very helpful. Alcohol and liquor selections are subject to change, so we would recommend contacting the resort directly for an up to date list of the brands they offer.

    If you purchase the club premium package it does include top shelf liquor but it is available to purchase if you are not club premium. We drank sky vodka, hornitos tequila and appletin rum.. The don"t consider these top shelf but we are not picky either. No top shelf is not part but they have a huge selection. It does not include top shelf liquor such as absolute or stoi but it is available for purchase. You can get all the smirinoff you want. Barcelo Colonial ala carte restaurant charges. If I am staying at a normal non-upgraded room for 6 nights, it says that I can have 4 nights reservations at the ala carte restaurant if I am able to get reservations.

    Do I really have to pay extra for the ala carte restaurant opportunities I get booking at the resort? You receive 4 tickets for the specialty restaurants for a 6 night stay however restrictions may apply, please contact the resort for more information. We made reservations at restaurants the following day after our arrival and got in to every restaurant with ease.

    Ate twice at Kyota the hibachi restaurant and got lobster and steak both times. We were upgraded to the palace some how and we did not pay for any thing and we ate at the fancy restaurants every night not just four nights. We had no problem getting reservations for the restaurants, and there were no extra charges, unless you wanted to order a bottle of special wine, which we did not. I stayed for 5 nights with 2 free nights at the ala carte restaurants.

    We were not charged anything for the restaurants and could order extra desserts which were excellent. Some people tipped and some people did not. We both had the lobster at no extra charge. We had no additional charges. I would cover this with your travel agent to insure no surprises. Is minifrig stocked daily as part of all inclusive?

    Also is room service included free? The minibar is restocked daily- please see room description for more details. Room service is available, but it is not included in the all-inclusive plan. There is a fee. Wonderful resort though. Yes it is! They have boxed juice and soda and a few beers. The mini freg is stocked more than daily it seems as if every time you come back to the room some one has come in and tied things up and restocked the freg. The freg. This resort offers family rooms with a maximum occupancy of 5. Please contact the resort for more information at barcelo.

    We wanted attached rooms but got two rooms next to each other. The rooms are nice and the security is outstanding so it was O. They have adjoining rooms but when we requested them we did not get them. We know that they have adjoining rooms because a room in our party had a door to the adjacent room - which no one in our party had. No attached rooms. You are lucky if you get two rooms close together.

    Can you buy wifi access with it? Does that cover meals? Resort credits are subject to availability, and they vary by resort, and time of offer. Please contact resort directly for more information at Barcelo. I got nothing with the resort credit. You have to buy something to get a discount. The resort credit is a coupon book for things that people don't really want.

    I'm sure is would be nice for some one but are family didn't use any thing. The only time we could have used it the guy just gave us the item for the same price. Very nice people here. The meals are all included. The resort credits were basically coupons for the Spa, excursion, and bottles of wine. They might help if you are planning on spending a lot of extra money on top of anything that is not all inclusive. WIFI is free. There are different credits for different activities. We got a double massage with a The hotel was having wifi problems while we were there so we were told we could use it for free until the problem was fixed.

    We used it all week and were never charged. I didn't see a wifi coupon.