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Guess what, they usually surprise us and do more than we ever expected them to do! If grade levels are vertically on the same page, students will grow beyond expectations year after year. Our instruction of Reading Strategies and Skills for viewing and comprehend text needs to be turned up a notch! We need to teach these critical thinking skills for viewing text in order for students to orally speak and listen within conversations of text with peers and teachers. Raising the richness of this in your classroom will have a huge impact on students being able to compose text independently.

Which, composing text is the highest level of comprehension!

There are a few little things we can all do as teachers to help improve written comprehension and response! Using the question stems below will help students increase proficiency in oral and written comprehension. Some questions may only apply to Informational or Literature texts. Some questions can be used for both genres. Students must be able to proficiently answer the majority of these questions without assistance from an adult.

When questions like these are mastered with ease in written format, students will show proficiency and move through the reading levels. Remember these questions are aligned to all of the Common Core standards, not just a specific reading assessment. Therefore they will fit all classrooms! Most importantly, as educators, we want to make sure we are asking questions in oral and written format in the same manner they are asked on assessments. Not just random or general, we need to be specific! As an adult, I need to know what I need to do and accomplish.

So do our students. The expectation to master a standard is not a secret, why are we not sharing these expectations with out students? We know how we need to preform in the classroom to have the highest rating, so we need to tell our students the end goal as well. Students are visual, we need to increase the visual imprint for them to follow. Think about this, Writers Workshop, did you ever or do you have rubrics for students to follow when they write their Narrative or Expository pieces? Give students a guide! Then the following day have a mini-lesson on putting that into a rubric with student input continued!

Implement rubrics in your writing station, small groups and whole groups! Challenge students to roll times and write a story incorporating. Thank you for visiting my blog!


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Steam Monkey Coupon Code. We'd love the ability to wish each and every one of our readers a happy birthday. A free sample pack of versatile daily math reviews, math warm-ups, or bell ringers for 4th Grade! Your 4th grade students can review math skills or concepts every day. Quick and easy to use!

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Covers 4th Grade Common Core Standards: 4. Worksheets , Assessment , Printables. The new Benchmark Advance curriculum is here! Including a language arts focus wall in your classroom highlights the skills taught each week. Using a focus wall makes it clear for you as the teacher, and for students. My product has seven posters for each week of each unit. In this particular pac.

English Language Arts , Reading , Vocabulary. There's a fourth grade specific one and a generic one included. Happy Summer!! Fun Stuff , Printables. Instant Download for homeschoolers and Teachers - FreeBie These Vocabulary words are suitable for 2nd grade through 4rth grade and provide 40 words in an alphabetical order. Reading , Spelling , Vocabulary. Fun Stuff , Flash Cards , Printables. These worksheets are for students. Worksheets , Activities , Assessment.

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Here is fun way to help students reflect on their year by giving advice to the incoming class of how to survive in 4th Grade. It's short, colorful, and fun! End of Year. Activities , Assessment. Morning Work!

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This is a sample taken from my larger morning work pack. If you like this morning wor. English Language Arts , Math , Numbers. Activities , Handouts , Printables. First Day of Fourth Grade Freebie 1. Celebrate this milestone with this super cute photo prop! Back to School. Not Grade Specific. For Parents. First Day of Fourth Grade Freebie 2. These will cover your entire year!

Use them for mor. Assessment , Printables , Rubrics.

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Add to cart. This huge bundle includes engaging games, which are perfect for practicing 4th grade math standards throughout the entire school year.